You’ve definitely lived to see so much, Bill.

I wouldn’t classify myself as a spring chicken, but thank you for that.

I remember the curtained rooms in the local video stores. My former brother-in-law owned our local video store and had one. I remember going in there as a kid and wondering about that room, becoming old enough to figure it out, and finally, reaching the age where I could finally rent a video in there but being too embarrassed because he knew me!

I’ve known the man since I was a little girl, it would have made me want to DIE to rent a pornographic video from him.
I did eventually suck it up and do it. I waited until he wasn’t working and just slapped that case on the counter when a young girl was at the counter instead.

I think she made me feel worse than he would have. She stared, stood there, stared more. I finally made the statement, “Are you just going to stand there gawking at the porn in front of you, or are you going to get my movie?”

She fled to the back.

Of course, I made my boyfriend (his brother) take it back.

Thank you so much for sharing all your experiences. I love learning new things.

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