You cheer me up every single day, just by existing. Period.

As for bleach, yuck. I’m so glad I’m not the only person left on the planet who doesn’t use it. I’m allergic, but I still think it’s gross. My MIL uses it to clean everything in their part of the house and the smell affects me too, but apparently that doesn’t fucking matter. I sit here and struggle to BREATHE in my own house at least once a week when she cleans. Yes, she knows. No, she doesn’t care.

Will does the grocery shopping through this, since I am in touching contact with the child more than anyone else. I have literally not left my yard since this all began. I walk in the yard, play in the yard, moon and star watch in the yard. Everything from the house or yard.

I have at least 4 panic attacks a day. I’m sure from going stir crazy.

We’ve been taking groceries out of the bags (we use reuseable ones) on the porch and bringing the stuff inside. I just wipe down what I can with a soapy cloth. Then we wash the bags in the machine.

So far, so good.

Will has been in the medical field before and so have I, so we’re pretty good about glove/mask protocols. Luckily we had a good supply before all this started.

I love you dearly and you’re always in my thoughts. ❤

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