Yes! That’s what it’s all about, for me anyway. Sure, finding new people to experience fun things with is, well, fun! But what I miss the most about the lifestyle is the group from VA I became close with. I knew what to expect (not that it became boring, just comfortable, if that makes sense), I felt free to be myself, and the sex was fantastic!

And if I was worn the hell out, I knew I could take my naked ass to the corner somewhere and someone would kindly pour me a glass of wine, bring me a plate of olives and cheese, and I could rest and recuperate.


This is when someone needs to develop a damn teleporter so we can all (Yael Wolfe) just zap to one location, enjoy nights of passion and bliss, then pop back to wherever in the world we have to be during the daylight hours.

Someone get on that, dammit! Xavier Van Holde?

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