This reminds me of one of my favorite book series.

It’s supernatural based, so keep that in mind. Some of the main characters are wereanimals. So, of course, being at least partly animal, they tend to behave like their animal counterparts, even in human form.

The canine and feline ones especially tend to gravitate toward ‘puppy piles’ when they’re trying to relax, are nervous, or just want to cuddle. It makes the MC, who is (mostly) human quite anxious. She isn’t one for touch, unless it’s sexual.

As the series progresses, she becomes not only used to it, but begins to crave it as well.

She learns how comforting it can be, even with people she isn’t actively having sex with.

I love the way the stories are written (yes, somewhat because of all the sex, vampires, etc.) ❤

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