This makes me sad, but at the same time, I love it. You ARE a warrior queen <3

My last marriage, I was the husband AND the wife. I cooked, cleaned, tended to all of our household needs, paid bills, etc. I also learned how to work on my own vehicle, because my husband was too lazy and generally too high to do it properly. When something small needed fixing around the house, that was silly to call the landlord over, I pulled up YouTube and figured it out.

I made so many mistakes, broke many things, including parts of myself lol, but I got it done.

As crazy as it may sound, I'm grateful for the experience. Now, I know how to do most anything that needs doing in the house (and outside) and am not afraid to look it up if I don't.

My husband now is handy and I don't HAVE to do any of those things, but knowing I can, and being available to help and not hinder, makes me feel better.

I would much rather just do it my fucking self than deal with someone who isn't a willing partner.

You've got ALL OF THIS. I love you dearly.

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