Thank you, Matthew, for being so very vulnerable and sharing this part of your life. Sex addiction, or as it really is, poor impulse control, is a difficult thing to admit, much less, attempt to control.

Because being honest, unlike most addictions, where you would just take away the item you’re addicted to, you can’t do that with sex. No one would expect a human being to live without sex, especially in a relationship. So you’re still doing the thing you have poor impulse control with, but just with one person (hopefully, if that’s your type of relationship) and you’re having to learn to control yourself with it still in your life.

I’m not sure if you read Average Don Juan, but he writes about this a lot and has experience with it. I think he does a great job explaining it and working with it, within his own parameters, which are different than yours, but just as valid.

I’ve never been diagnosed professionally, but I know I am a sex addict as well. I appreciate those who have gotten help professionally, and know one day, I’ll need to as well.

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