Thank you, kind Sir!

Yeah, I learned a long time ago that fisting is just fucking fantastic. My husband wasn’t sure about it, as he’d never had anyone express an interest, therefore he’d never done it. We’d been together four years before I even brought it up. Writing here and expressing my sexuality in such an open way helped us both communicate so much more when it comes to sex.

Once we tried it together the first time, he realized just how hot it can be. Couple that with the fact I’m a squirter (and that’s his ultimate favorite thing I believe!) and man oh man, you’ve got a roaring good time.

We just recently began adding the toy when doing anal and we both love it. I can’t express enough how amazing it feels for both partners. I think a lot of men shy away from it, thinking it’s going to be weird. Nope, shouldn’t be, even if it’s with another live penis! The pressure and intensity more than make up for any ‘weird’ feelings lol

Thank you again for always being so supportive! ❤

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Sex educator working toward a more sex positive world, one word at a time. Contact: YouTube:

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