Saying yes, when all we want to say is no.

Whew, just “at” me next time, okay?

I feel this so much. As a woman born in the late 70s, I think you hit on so many true things here.

I’m sure it’s part of my oddball personality, but I was never one of the mom group ones. Sure, I have kids, but for some reason, I never fit in with other moms. Even online. It’s funny, I’ve joined multiple ‘Mom’ groups on Facebook, only to be kicked out fairly quickly.

Most people don’t like my blunt nature. I’m called rude, a lot.

I just don’t have it in me to sugar coat the truth. Especially when it comes to children. If you’re not taking care of your kids, if you’re choosing sorry ass partners over your kids, if you’re treating your kids like shit…well, I’m going to speak up.

People don’t like that for some reason.

I put my head down, worked my ass off, and provided for my kids. I went hungry, my kids didn’t. I wore the same clothes year after year, my kids got new stuff. It seemed kind of simple to me.

When I got my taxes back each year, my kids got everything they needed and a few things they wanted. If there was money left over, I looked around the house and noted what needed to be replaced or paid for there. After that, there wasn’t anything left.

I’ll never understand these people who become tax time ballers, buying big screen tv’s, new expensive clothes, etc, while their kids still look homeless.

Shew, can you tell I feel strongly about this topic? This is why I don’t have ‘mom’ friends.

Now, I’m doing it all over again and I still don’t really care for having mom friends. I know how to raise a child. What I need are ‘me’ friends. And I’m blessed to have at least two amazing ones, in you and darling Ena. Now, if I could just teleport you both to me whenever I wanted, that would be amazing.

❤ I love you both.

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