Okay, so we play a card game called Kings Cups. Not sure if it’s even a real game, but anyway. There are “rules” that I swear change constantly.

At some point, someone gets to make a rule. I have a friend who always makes a rule that every time you drink, you have to remove “the little green man” from your cup/bottle/can and place him on the table, drink, then put him back on your whatever.

Of course, no one ever remembers because they are drunk.

So of course, you have to drink again if you forget.

My point is, all I could picture was the little green man being placed in the dog shit bag. I’m special, I know.

What a crazy chick!!!

This story makes me feel a million times better about any request I’ve ever made.

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Sex educator working toward a more sex positive world, one word at a time. Contact: demeterdelune@gmail.com YouTube: bit.ly/3n5LpC5

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