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Photo by Greg Mak on Unsplash

I may have screwed up trying to reply to your note — the “send” button didn’t work. All I could think to do was come here and say thank you for sharing that. I clearly don’t know how to send private messages…had no idea that could be done. — I presume you’re using your laptop/computer to read? If so, you leave a private note by highlighting a passage or a single word, and this should come up:

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Far right lock is what you click to get the private message window

Once you click the private message (the little locked bubble) you’ll get a small window to open, which is where you type your private message. You’re limited to 400 characters in your first message, and 200 characters per message thereafter.

icon to see their list of stories:

When I click on your icon, this is what I see:

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Red fucked up circles are mine!

If you’re already following the person, it will look like this, and say “following”. If you aren’t it will be white and say “Follow”.

If they have stories, it will look like this and have Profile, Claps, Highlights, and Responses (where you leave comments)

If they are someone who only reads and doesn’t post stories of their own, it will just have Claps, Highlights, and Responses.

I hope this helps! The reason I specified that I assume you’re doing this on your computer is, you can not leave or read private notes on your mobile via the app. You also can not write locked, or MPP stories on the app.

Speaking of! I notice you don’t lock your stories. Do you do this intentionally, or is this another conversation we need to have? You can earn money from your stories, sir and you really should. You don’t earn from leaving comments, but you can from your other posts.

My email is if you have further questions. I will happily walk you through using Unsplash for images, setting up your account for paid posts, the MPP, etc. if you want to do this.


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