I’ve met a number of people some would call famous over the years; be it through my travels or from living in a ‘film’ city. Sadly, our government royally screwed up the film industry here in NC a few years ago, but we seem to be getting some back.

I also have a very good friend I grew up with who’s making his way around Hollywood now. Not any huge parts, but he’s making a bit of a dent. He has a good part in the series TURN (about Washington’s spies), his name is Jesse Christopher Boyd if you’d like to check it out.

I’ll begin gathering some of my famous tales and maybe create a new publication for such stories, since they don’t really jive with my normal work and start writing them ❤

Thanks, Jeremy!

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Sex educator working toward a more sex positive world, one word at a time. Contact: demeterdelune@gmail.com YouTube: bit.ly/3n5LpC5

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