It's always intriguing to me to see into the minds of others, yours included.

Gender identity is important for so many reasons, which typically have not a damn thing to do with what other people thing so much as what you think of yourself.

My 2nd child has recently come out as enby (non-binary) and wishes to use they/them. Of course, it's been a process for me, as their mother of almost 21 years (I had to go back and correct myself as I put 'his'!) to consciencly think, don't say he, don't say him. Taking it a step further, since they were around 6 years old, we've referred to them as The Boy (stemming from writing a blog online and not wanting to share their name). So that's another point where I have to stop and remember, that's not what I should call them.

But it's what they want, it's who they are, and who am I to question that.

Thanks so much for sharing.

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