I love this, Holly. You say so many things I think at times. Though my husband has never expressed any desire to engage with another man, we are in the midst of talks of opening our relationship to others.

One thing that stood out to me is how you’re both submissive when it comes to sex. Something you may want to look for, if you decide to add another man to the mix, is someone with a more dominant sexual personality. That way, you could both enjoy being submissive to him. Of course, there would need to be lots of discussion ahead of time about limits and so on, but it sounds like it could be a fantastic opportunity for you to both get what you’re looking for.

My two cents. ❤

Thank you for sharing this.

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Sex educator working toward a more sex positive world, one word at a time. Contact: demeterdelune@gmail.com YouTube: bit.ly/3n5LpC5

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