I have run into the ageing face issue as well. I swear, one day, I woke up with wrinkles! I have begun noticing it on my hands as well, more freckles (I’m not calling them age spots, dammit)

My hair has been thinning for about a decade due to Hashimotos disease. It gets a bit better when my thyroid is ‘normal’, but that doesn’t happen often, even being on meds. I’ve just come to terms with it.

I’ve not had a cycle in 12 years, due to a uterine ablation, so I honestly don’t know how menopause will (if it will ) work.

So far, the 40s have treated me pretty well, body and sex wise ❤

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Sex educator working toward a more sex positive world, one word at a time. Contact: demeterdelune@gmail.com YouTube: bit.ly/3n5LpC5

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