I definitely would love to hear what he has to say!

We don’t have a sex doll, though I kind of want one lol One of my favorites on Twitter is in a thrupple with two men (she’s female) and they own a torso sex doll. She’s posted some really fun photos with ‘her’. I think it would be novel if nothing else.

Also, hubby and I figured out he really likes one of my toys that I ended up not caring for too much. I was gifted a silicone rabbit vibe which in theory is awesome. But it is too pliable. It’s supposed to hit my G-spot but it isn’t rigid enough to do it. So, it got relegated to the back of the toy drawer. When we were playing one night, he pulled all the toys out. When it was his turn to be toyed, I decided to give it a shot. I wanted something a bit longer than the prostate vibe we had, so that I would be able to get a really good grip.

It works great! And bonus, the rabbit ears tickle his perineum ❤

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