I am so sorry to read this, Jim, but completely unsurprised, sadly.

This is exactly why I 'bank' my rescue inhalers and Epi Pens.

I can get one of each, every month. I don't always need them, but I damn sure get them anyway. The inhalers last a couple of years in storage, thankfully. The Epi Pens do

n't last quite as long, but if it's coming close to their expiration (which has only happened once), I give it to someone who I know needs it and will likely need to use it before the expiration date.

It's so fucking sad we have to do things like this, but i have been forced to go without my rescue inhaler, when I ran out or didn't have insurance, and mine is almost $300 out of pocket.

I hope your dad is as comfortable as possible and that you can find time for some self care my friend. <3

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