I only ran into the ‘we both had feels and didn’t express them’ situation once. On my end, I really couldn’t see someone like him being interested in anything other than a purely sexual relationship with someone like me. It just didn’t seem likely, on any planet.

We had our fling for however long it lasted (I don’t even remember now) and it was fun. I knew it was a fling and didn’t allow myself to get hurt when it ended, because I never expected it to be anything other than that.

Years later, he emailed me out of the blue and asked if I knew how he felt about me. I was floored. I told him no, I had no clue, and honestly would have rather he kept it to himself after all that time. Neither of us were in a position to do anything about it then, so telling me did nothing but absolve him of whatever guilt or what might have beens he had going on in his own mind.

This is a fantastic piece. Thank you for sharing.

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