As always, well written and thoughtful.

Years ago, I wrote on an online diary site called In the Wire, and eventually moved over to Open Diary. There was the coolest old guy there, everyone called Grungepappy. He was from Scotland and wrote about politics, mostly, but in such a way, you had to laugh.

He referred to himself as a ‘dirty old man’ constantly, though it was actually rare he ever told a dirty joke or made any inappropriate comments. I asked him once, why he called himself that. He said, well love, I’m old, I like raunchy jokes, and somehow, I’m blessed to be surrounded by you young lassies. I wouldn’t want anyone to ever think I was something I’m not!

After the site went down, I didn’t think I would ever hear from him again. I found him a little over a year ago, on Facebook! He’s still sassy as he can be, though he keeps the dirty jokes to a minimum since his daughters are on there too.

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