And I swear, she whispered back, “I hope you do, too.”

Jesus Christ. I am weeping openly.

I understand this all too well.

I miss places and events, I guess? It's not the people, really. Most of the time.

I don't miss any of my exes. But I miss certain houses where I lived. I wish I had at least one of them now. They were homes, even though I don't care to live with the people I did at the time. I don't care for my house now. I'ts been broken since we moved here and it will cost so much to fix it the way it requires.

I miss the way *I* was, in certain situations.

And though I can't really say it outloud for fear of a negative response, I am sad that certain dreams I had are now put aside because of a choice someone else made for me.

I love you my dear friend, so very much.


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