Although American ways get on my nerves more often than not (and I AM American!), I always enjoy reading someone else's experience here. The Kleenex thing, i've never understood. My mother has a box in every single room. Personally, I have never bought Kleenex for my house. I only purchase it once a year at the beginning of the school year, because the kid's teachers request it.

I am okay using toilet paper or a paper towel if I need to blow my nose.

The smiling thing is definitely big in the South. You'll be asked constantly why you're not smiling, or told you would be so much prettier if you smiled more. Which is why I guess I channel my inner "Russian" and damn near refuse to smile haha.

I've heard about the ice thing from other friends from overseas. That, and portions here are much larger than in other countries.

Thank you for sharing this <3

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