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My name is Demeter DeLune and I’ve been writing stories my entire life. Welcome to my page. I hope you find at least one story you can connect with. …

They may even been more sensitive than yours.

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Talking to a good friend recently about nipple piercings, it occurred to both of us there’s not much talk around male nipple stimulation. Most of the men I’ve been with weren’t interested in having their nipples stimulated. However, in the same way a woman’s nipples can be an erogenous zone…

It was only my second time using a sex toy and I learned so much about myself.

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Yesterday, I sent out a newsletter highlighting all the firsts I’ve written about. I asked that my readers share their favorite firsts with me and got some wonderful feedback. It made me think about what other firsts I could talk about. …

I thought I’d experienced one, until I actually did and my mind was blown.

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It was 2002, I was 25 years old and had never had an orgasm. It definitely wasn’t due to lack of trying. I had been willingly sexually active for nine years at that point, and though it felt good, some of the time, the elusive orgasm just wasn’t happening.


However you experience your coming of age story is what’s right for you.

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My friend Eva Rotolo wrote a piece some time ago about her sexual awakening. One of the things that struck me the most in her story was that she wished she’d started listening to her sexuality and what she wanted from sex in general when she was younger. While I…

Image by author of author and Damian Delune

This is the first photo my husband and I ever took together. Most people probably don’t recall their first photos together, considering our living in a day and age of cell phones with cameras and taking pictures of everything. But I remember, because my husband hates having his picture taken…


ASMR isn’t new, but it’s sweeping the globe on YouTube and beyond.

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Dear Demeter,

I’ve heard a few things about ASMR and was curious if this is something my husband and I can do for one another at home?

Jonica Bradley

Dear Reader:

If you spend any time on YouTube, you’ve likely been suggested a video featuring ASMR. But what does that…

Everything under the term ethical non-monogamy is finding purchase in society — here’s how to get started.

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Whether you’ve heard your best friend talking about it or seen it on social media, ethical non-monogamy in some form seems to be trending everywhere. You may see it as open relationships or polyamory, or even swinging, but it’s there and more people are opening their minds and relationships to…

You can have lists of all the questions in the world, but if your partner won’t communicate, they’re useless.

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My partner isn’t vulnerable with me. We talk, but it’s just about superficial things. I have to get angry in order to get a response. I want to talk about our sex life, but they shut down. Do any of those statements sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone. It’s…

Review of The Snail, waterproof silicone vibrator.

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When a new toy enters the market, I’m often a bit leery. I mean, how many different designs can people come up with that will actually work? But I’m also a curious cat, so when I see something totally different than any toy I’ve used before, I really want to…

Demeter Delune

I’m an educator who loves to talk about sexuality, relationships, and give advice. Let’s work together demeterdelune@gmail.com

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